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Building a Collaborative Deal Desk With RevOps

Elaine Tsai
Jan 20, 2022

Deal Desk comprises a cross-functional team with one sole purpose: to ensure that high-value complex deals in the pipeline sail through an approval process and get signed.

Yet, at RevOps, we noticed that many of the communication tools we rely on to help move deals quickly to signing are siloed away from the view of the deal; what you and your customer would actually be signing.

Tools such as Slack, Email, or even Zoom bring cross-functional teams together with the hope of faster approvals but are not truly efficient. Conversations about the deal are detached from the deal; what is being discussed is not stored with the deal for historical reference and is hard to track.

Deal Making is Collaborative and Contextual

So how can Deal Desk improve sales efficiency and prevent bottlenecks in the deal process?

At RevOps, we've long believed this starts by focusing the deal on how your customer will view it. We love seeing the deal from the customer's perspective because Sales is better equipped to create a positive buyer experience instead of worrying about back-office data entry.

However, we didn't want to stop there. If viewing deals from the customer's perspective could help Sales deliver winning deals, why not center all deal approvals and conversations around this same view of the deal?

By including internal deal conversations such as comments, @mentions, and approvals in context with the deal, stakeholders and approvers could understand deals and make decisions faster. Sales teams would be able to respond to feedback and make necessary adjustments in one place.

This would result in a more efficient and faster deal process.

Introducing Collaborate Mode

Today, we're excited to announce "Collaborate Mode.”

In "Collaborate Mode",

- Users can quickly see how the deal proposed differs from the standard template of the deal.
- Comments and approvals can be associated with any section of the deal.
- Sales teams can toggle between edit and collaborate modes to make quick adjustments and respond to feedback.
- Email notifications will be sent when Users are mentioned in comments or assigned to approve a section of the deal.

With these features, we've made collaboration easier for everyone.

Let's dive into the details:

See how the deal proposed differs from the standard template of the deal.

Once the deal hits deal desk, the review process begins. But when reviewing a deal, how do you know which sections of the deal are new or non-standard.

RevOps will now highlight how the deal has been changed from a standard templated deal when in collaborate mode. We'll show you the new term language that has been added or removed, as we as term values that are different from your standard template.

See all comments and approvals in the context of the deal from the customer's perspective.

Deal Desk functions as a venue for all the internal groups involved in the deal-making process. To help keep each stakeholder focused on their areas of responsibility when reviewing the deal, RevOps allows you to start commenting on particular sections of the deal and quickly assigning sections for others to approve.

These comments and approvals are tracked and stored with the deal. When referencing previous deals, stop going through old emails or slack threads to understand why someone who no longer works at the company offered a unique discount.

Track all approvals in one place

As the deal gets more complex deals, you may have multiple sections of the deal, all waiting for review and approval by different stakeholders. When finance gives an approval over email but legal approves over slack, it's easy to lose track of who's reviewed the deal and which sections have been approved.

RevOps helps keep track of all this by consolidating your approvals in one place. See the sections awaiting approval and the ones that have been approved. This helps provide all stakeholders with the same level of visibility and can help you push the deal forward.

Reduce response time by staying up to date with notifications and simple edits

Deals that sail through the process of signing are quick to put together, easy to edit, and have fast response times by all stakeholders. That's why our collaboration tool comes to equip email notifications when you @mention your colleagues or assign them a section to be reviewed. Easily keep them in the loop and up to date to reduce wait time.

When feedback is given, Sales Reps can quickly review the suggestions and make the edits all in one place. Stop context switching between all your tabs and tools.

Collaboration is essential in a highly efficient deal process. With “Collaborate Mode,” we hope all deal desk members across your organization can now also easily view deals from the perspective of your customer while supporting your Sales team to close deals faster. Give it a spin and let us know what you think?

Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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