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Get agreements signed quick with QuickSign

Elaine Tsai
Dec 19, 2022

As we look back on the year, we're excited by the hundreds of agreements created and signed via RevOps each day. With your support and feedback, our product is constantly getting better. From supporting real-time quoting for complex product pricing such as bucket pricing and tiered, volume pricing to adding new features such as watermarked draft PDFs and access control on templates, RevOps has evolved into a key tool

Before the year ends, we wanted to leave you with just one more thing.

While RevOps originally started as a user-centered CPQ, we found that teams would use Deal Editor to create a variety of agreements. Long complex sales agreements that required a rigorous deal desk process were being created, reviewed, and signed alongside simple and generic quotes and MNDAs. And although our Deals platform was designed to easily create many types of agreements, all agreements also had to go through the same creation, deal desk and signature process.

Our goal is to offer an intuitive and seamless experience with closing agreements. However, this one size fits all approach didn't make sense. An MNDA shouldn't be created then signed and countersigned, the same way your multi-page custom sales agreement needs to be created, reviewed, and signed. Instead, the complexity of the agreement should drive your experience with creating, sharing and signing.

That's why we're excited to announce our beta in QuickSign, available today.

QuickSign has been built for agreements that don't need to be modified by your Sales team. Once the template is created, these agreements can be instantly shared with your customer for signature.

So how does this work?

Template created with RevOps can now be set to either "QuickSign" or "Custom Deal".

We recommend using QuickSign for agreements that only need to be signed by your customer. These agreements can skip the administrative deal editing process altogether. Custom Deals, on the other hand, are templates that would be used in Deal Editor with modifications made specifically for the customer. For example, discounts on line items and changes to the legal language. These agreements must then be submitted and reviewed through the standard deal desk process.

Agreements such as MNDA, Referral Partnership Agreements, DPAs, or basic quotes that don't need to be individually prepared for the customer are perfect for "QuickSigns" since modifications are rarely ever made.

With QuickSign, you can customize the e-signature experience so you decide the signing experience that works best for the agreement your customer will be signing. Choose whether your customer will sign the agreement through the click of a button with "Clickthrough", sign with their name through a single signer e-signature, or pre-sign the template so that all your customer has to do is counter sign.


Let's see it in action!


The agreements template will continue to be set up with terms and SKUs through Deal Studio. Once the terms and SKUs are added, we'll set the template for use with "QuickSign".

Here we've got an MNDA created. We'll set the signature to pre-signed and set our CEO "John Brown" as the pre-signer. This will allow John to sign the template just once, while letting our Sales team share the pre-signed MNDA with multiple customers instantly. This way, John doesn't have to spend extra time counter-signing each MNDA his team needs and Sales can focus on sales instead of waiting for the MNDA signatures.

Configure a signer to pre-sign the agreement

Once John has pre-signed the MNDA, the template is set to "Active" and can be shared by the Sales team.

When an MNDA is requested by the customer, our Sales team will select "Create Deal". Next, they'll select the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template marked with "QuickSign".

Choose a QuickSign agreement to share with your customer

Import data from HubSpot

This deal is now ready to be shared for customer signature. Once your customer has received the email, they'll simply click on the link. Here they'll see the signature already completed by "John Brown". All they need to do is "Sign".

Completed Signatures

Once the signature is completed, RevOps will email you and your customer a copy of the contract. The signed agreement will also now show up under the "Signed" status on Deal Desk. This way if you'd like to associate it and sync it back to your CRM you may.

To track all the agreement signature invites, click on "QuickSign" where you can see all the QuickSign agreements your team has shared and track whether these agreements have been viewed or signed.

Try it out

We believe that QuickSign creates a better experience for new types of agreements to be quickly shared and signed with RevOps. Head here to see this in action with an example:



Thanks for reading through our QuickSign product release. We're really excited to hear how you adopt these new features, so feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions or comments.

Everyone from the RevOps team wishes you a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!


Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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