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July Product Updates

Elaine Tsai
Jul 12, 2022

We hope everyone had a restful July 4th weekend! The team here are RevOps had our fill of hot dogs, burgers, and fireworks. We're excited to now kick off the 2nd half of this year with some exciting new features.

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Watermarked PDFs of the Deal

Watermarked copies of the agreement can now be downloaded!

When putting together the deal, occasionally, you'll want to share a early copy with your customer, before it's been approved.

RevOps will now create a watermarked copy of the agreement while the deal is still being worked on. Watermarking this PDF as "Draft" prevents your customer from signing the agreement or assuming the shared quote is the final.

To start downloading this version, head over to the deal. Under "Deal Overview", you'll see a link to download the PDF.

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Deal Desk Filters

We're rolling out some new ways for you to now filter your deal desk list. New filtering options will now include Total Contract Value, Contract Length, and more.

To start using this feature, head over to your deal desk and click on "Add Filter".

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Introducing SKU Properties

SKU Feature Flags are now renamed "Properties". SKU Properties allow you to customize and extend the attributes of the SKU.

With SKU Properties, you and your Sales team can now select different variations of the same product. When used with dynamic pricing formula, you can allow these attributes drive the list price of your product. Examples include tiers of usage, levels of support, and more!

Options picklist is the newest type of SKU properties we're making available. By setting up the SKU Property as a list of options, you can provide your Sales team with a predetermined list of values to select from.

Options Property is now available for early access. Reach out to us if you are interested in giving it a spin.


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Address Completeness

When importing address information from your CRM, we’ve found that sometimes address data is incorrectly placed in the wrong fields. This results in errors during address validation since the address is incomplete.

We’ve found errors with address data most commonly occur when businesses are using address enhancement tools. To help guide you, we’ll now surface when your address data appears incomplete so that you and your team can maintain a clean database of your customer addresses.


Early Access Program

Are you interested in getting early access to the features we are working on?

Help make RevOps better by joining our early access program, where you'll get a sneak peek at our upcoming features and get the opportunity to help shape our product.

Sign up here

Bug Fixes

  • Each line item on the RevOps Deal will now sync to its own line item in Salesforce or HubSpot. We’ve deprecated our previous behavior where line items of the same SKU were rolling up into a single line item.
  • We’ve readded the trash button in term groups so that you can quickly delete an entire group of terms.


Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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