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October Product Updates

Elaine Tsai
Nov 9, 2021

October's been our biggest month yet at and we're pumped to keep it going. Not only is our native HubSpot integration now available to all accounts, we've also released a new signup experience, a number of smaller feature improvements, and a Help Center where you can find video tutorials and help articles. 


HubSpot Early Access

For businesses using HubSpot Sales Hub, you can now connect RevOps to your HubSpot account. This allows you to create RevOps Deals directly in HubSpot and sync the line item data from RevOps to HubSpot.


In addition to releasing this integration, we've given our in-app Integration Menu a new look!

We're excited about our partnership with HubSpot and in celebration of this launch, we've also released this free e-book on "50+ Lessons From Today's Revenue Leaders". Take a look at all the great content you'd get to read all about.


Salesforce Feature Improvements

For those of you on Salesforce, we've also added a few new features this month.

You can now have RevOps automatically attach your completed agreement as a file in Salesforce. In "Salesforce Settings", select the Salesforce object (either Opportunity or Contract), you would like the PDF copy of the completed agreement to be attached to. When your agreement has been signed by both parties, a PDF copy of the document will then be uploaded to Salesforce.


The Service End Date and Length of the SKU or each period of the SKU can now also be mapped to custom fields created on the Opportunity Line Item object in Salesforce.

The Service Start Date of the SKU will automatically sync to the Date field on the Opportunity Line Item as long as it is visible on the object.

This is helpful if your team uses schedule SKUs for ramped or multiyear agreements and you want to capture the start date, end date, and length of each period on the Opportunity Line Item.


Help is always here!

Find our new Support Center, in-app on the lower left hand corner and get the documentation and updates you need.

CleanShot - RevOps Console on Google Chrome - Taken on 10-08-2021-1


New User Sign-Up for New and Existing Accounts

New Users added to your existing workspace will now experience a new signup experience. 

For new accounts, we've also freshen up our signup flow. Here's a sneak preview of what you'll see if you sign up for an account today.

Additional Features Improvements

Order Form # can now be used to search for your Deal.

Untitled (12)

When selecting the default counter signer for your organization, you simply select the User from a dropdown of all Users in your Workspace.


Start Term Groups on a new page. With this feature, you can add a page break between your MSA and Order Form, or include Term groups of Exhibits that start on different pages.

Simply toggle your term group to start on a new page and a page break will get added.

Speaking of terms, you can now disable the term language from being editable in Term Settings.

Untitled (13)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug so that updates made to the term are immediately seen on newly created deals, when 'sync to template' is turned on.

  • When sharing a deal from RevOps, the deal status will now automatically move to "Negotiation". This is similar to when clicking on "Copy Link", the deal automatically moves to negotiation status.

  • Fixed a bug where going to the Deal URL was occasionally redirecting Users to the Deal Desk List view.

  • We've deprecated "SKU Groups" as a field in SKU Settings. Users should selected whether they would like a SKU to be added to a pricing table that is already on the deal, or directly to the deal which will create a pricing table.

  • We'll now more explicitly tell you when your Deal is not connected to an Opportunity in your CRM. This means the RevOps deal will not sync to your CRM and you must add an association.

  • Fixed a bug so that when displaying the service length of the line item, we consistently display this in months (and days if prorated to the day).
Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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