How Lavu Achieved the One Call Close

Before, the one-call close was just a myth, as it took hours for Lavu’s sales reps to build a quote. Now with RevOps, they build quotes in minutes, turning the one-call close into the standard for the sales team.

Before RevOps our sales team was spending hours quoting. Now one of our reps can get the customer on the phone and share a quote, get it signed, and get it paid in less than 30 minutes.



Faster Quoting:

Decreased average time to quote from >1 hour to 3 minutes


reduction in
sales cycle

Shorter Sales Cycle:

Reduced sales cycle from 22 days to 5.5 days


month over
month increase

More Closed/Won Deals:

Increased closed/won deals by 200% month over month
Matthew Alex Ruxton
Lavu’s Profile
  • Category: Software Development
  • Product: POS (Point of Sale) Systems
  • Market: Restaurants
  • CRM: HubSpot
  • Employees: 150
  • Sales Team Size: 30
  • Founded: 2010
Lavu's Successes on RevOps
  • Increased deals signed per month
  • Increased Revenue per deal
  • Shorter Sales Cycle
  • Reduced discounts per deal
  • Better profit margins
  • Improved Sales Team Strategies
Lavu’s Fast-Paced Growth in a Competitive Market
Lavu sells into one of the most competitive product markets, Point of Sale (POS) systems. Despite the competition, Lavu has experienced incredible growth over the past year. They’ve revolutionized the industry by utilizing iPads as part of their POS system and their customer success is second to none (just check Capterra!). Matthew Ruxton, Revenue Operations Manager at Lavu, has seen that growth first hand. When they moved into their Tampa location, they were just a few people. Now they take up over 80% of the office.  

When Matthew joined Lavu, he stepped right into a wild ride. His first mission? Switch the whole company from Salesforce to HubSpot - and fast. As he dug into the work, a big, messy problem quickly reared its head: Lavu's quoting process was more like a maze than a straight path.
Key quoting challenges for a growing sales team
For a Lavu sales rep, building a quote was not an easy process. On average, it took a rep over an hour, sometimes up to 3 hours, to build a single quote. This inefficiency not only negated the potential for a one-call close, but also critically impeded Lavu's ability to compete with competitors who were sending quotes to prospects much faster.

This complexity was partially attributable to Lavu’s multifaceted product suite, which includes software as a service, hardware, and payment processing services. Their current quoting tool was insufficiently equipped to administer or enforce the extensive set of rules surrounding discounts and product configurations.

Moreover, a critical issue existed at the management level: the absence of visibility into quotations before they were dispatched to customers. This often resulted in the finance team realizing, post-sale, that certain products had been sold below cost, placing Lavu in a precarious position. As a result of these operational difficulties, Lavu found it necessary to seek a solution that would facilitate a more streamlined process, improve pricing control, and enhance transparency for both the customer and the organization.
Lavu’s CPQ Requirements
In their quest for an improved quotation platform, Lavu laid out specific criteria. First and foremost, compatibility with HubSpot was paramount. The objective was to find a solution that would integrate effortlessly with HubSpot, thereby ensuring continuity in their operations. They explored various options in the HubSpot app marketplace, including RevOps and DealHub, favoring bona fide CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) systems over mere document management tools like PandaDoc.

Another critical stipulation was the need for a user-friendly signing solution that resonated with their customers. Lavu sought a platform akin to DocuSign, a globally-recognized,widely-adopted tool. Their objective was to eliminate any potential confusion surrounding the process of signing quotes, aiming for a seamless customer experience.
Lavu’s experience with Implementation and Support
Lavu's experience implementing RevOps was exceptional, both in terms of support and platform administration. The support provided by the RevOps team set a high standard for integration partners. The team was accessible through Slack, responded quickly, and offered invaluable assistance throughout the implementation process.

In terms of platform administration, Lavu found RevOps to be user-friendly and intuitive. The ability to self-administer the platform allowed Lavu to make pricing and product changes easily, update formulaic pricing, and handle integration changes without requiring extensive support. Adding users and onboarding them on multiple platforms became seamless with RevOps, as the platform required minimal setup and offered a straightforward login process. The administrative tasks, such as changing SKUs, updating workflows, and even adjusting brand colors, were effortless and efficient, saving time and ensuring a positive user experience.

Overall, Lavu experienced excellent support from the RevOps team and found the platform highly user-friendly for administrative tasks, making the implementation and ongoing management of RevOps a smooth and satisfying process.
KPI Improvements - Lavu's Improvement with RevOps: Accelerated Sales Cycle and Impressive Growth
RevOps has exerted a profound influence on Lavu's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The standout achievement is a dramatic reduction in quote creation time; in many cases, sales representatives are now able to complete the entire process - from customer engagement to finalizing signed and paid quotes - within a single 30-minute call. This heightened efficiency has become a pivotal factor in scaling Lavu's operations, ushering in an extraordinary month-over-month surge in deals by 200%.

Moreover, the average deal closure duration has witnessed a significant plunge from 21 days to a mere 5.5 days. Matthew attributes this remarkable turnaround to the implementation of RevOps. These marked improvements in key metrics underscore the transformative influence of RevOps on Lavu's sales operations and overall business performance.
Surprising Benefits of Switching to RevOps at Lavu
RevOps initiated transformative benefits for Lavu. The sales team gained valuable insights into their quoting process, realizing a pattern of over-quoting and unnecessary offerings. This led to simplified quotes that customers preferred for their clarity, enhancing overall experience. In many cases, Lavu’s quotes were now the first to arrive to their prospects and easier to understand than their competitors' quotes, winning Lavu the business.

Lavu’s management team, with newfound visibility into discount practices, could now understood the extent of quoting discrepancies. This sparked valuable conversations, leading to improved sales training and competitive selling strategies. Increased visibility steered product development towards customer value, directly influencing product offerings.

Notably, Lavu saw increased revenue and larger deal sizes, thanks to reduced discounts and better cost comprehension by the sales team. Thus, RevOps not only streamlined Lavu's sales operations but also significantly impacted its strategic decision-making processes.
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