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Passwordless login

May 31, 2023

This week we are updating how users can authenticate with our platform. At RevOps, things like passwords shouldn’t get in your way of making quota. This is why we are excited to announce, you no longer need a password to sign in!


Using only your email address, we will now send you a “magic link” that helps us verify who you are and get you back to work, any time you need to log in. In addition to supporting login with a Google account, we have added the ability to log in with your Slack account.


This new flow opens up avenues to new features like:

  1. Log in with Microsoft
  2. Restricting your login domain to require SSO
  3. Automatic onboarding of read-only, internal users

More on those features to come.


Beyond reading this announcement, you shouldn’t have to do anything else, but enjoy this more secure and streamlined way to log in.


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