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9 Revenue Operations Thought-Leaders You Should Be Following

Adam Ballai
Oct 26, 2020

We live in a time of information overload. We all experience it, every day. The challenge is doubly difficult for people in the sales space, with so many folks out there claiming to be experts, only to find out they are merely selling a “course” or eBook.

Given that Revenue Operations is a relatively new space, there is still a vacuum of knowledge and insights for those of us looking to expand our understanding.

Who Are the Top Revenue Operations (RevOps) Thought Leaders?

  1. Evan Liang (CEO, LeanData)
  2. Rosalyn Santa Elana (VP, Global Revenue Operations, Neo4j)
  3. Marcus Bening (VP, Revenue Operations, Outreach)
  4. Hilary Headlee (Head of Global Sales Ops & Enablement, Zoom)
  5. Jordan Henderson (Director, Revenue Operations, ringDNA)
  6. Max Altschuler (VP of Marketing, Outreach)
  7. Jason Reichl (CRO,
  8. Sean Lane (Director of Operations, Drift)
  9. Jeff Ignacio (Head of Revenue and Growth Operations, UpKeep)

Below, we’ll be highlighting 9 of the most influential leaders in the RevOps space that you should be following.

Feel free to suggest additional experts to feature in future articles!

Evan Liang – CEO, LeanData

One of the first companies to fully embrace Revenue Operations, LeanData has become an invaluable tool for RevOps teams to visualize their data, optimize their workflows, and adapt their workflows.

LeanData puts out their definitive, annual report around Revenue Operations called The State of Revenue Operations – a must-have for all Go to Market teams.

Evan Liang, CEO, and Co-Founder of LeanData is an invaluable source of knowledge on the topic of revenue operations. He is a mainstay in the RevOps space, providing amazing insights and useful strategies.

If you search YouTube for Revenue Operations content, you are likely to come across his many recorded discussions and presentations. These are all invaluable resources that everyone in the RevOps space should check out


Rosalyn Santa Elena – Revenue Operations Executive, Clari

For those of us in the Revenue Operations space, Rosalyn seems to be just about everywhere these days. With over 20 years of experience in this space, Rosalyn brings a wealth of knowledge and insights that have helped shaped the very way we all think about Revenue Operations.

Rosalyn’s LinkedIn feed is chockfull of amazing tips, tricks, and insights that anyone in SalesOps and RevOps could benefit from.

Rosalyn was recently featured by RevGenius and was described with one word – tireless, which seems to be extremely apt.

Marcus Bening – VP, Revenue Operations, Outreach

Marcus Bening has a great story to tell. Within the first 14 months of joining Outreach, he transitioned the company from a siloed operations approach to a unified Revenue Operations model.

Marcus has highlighted how important mindset is when it comes to Revenue Operations, the alignment across an organization that helps go to market teams work together to achieve efficiencies across the funnel.

Hilary Headlee – Head of Global Sales Ops + Enablement, Zoom

It’s no exaggeration to state that Zoom has been blowing up this year. As we have all moved to a remote working environment, Zoom has become the gold standard for communication.

One big reason for Zoom’s growth is its prolific Head of Sales Ops and Enablement, Hilary Headlee.

Hilary was recently featured on the SaaStr podcast in which she discussed her insights into the long-standing question many companies face: SalesOps or RevOps?

Hilary is a fantastic writer, with thought-provoking commentary on the state of RevOps today.

Jordan Henderson – Director of Revenue Operations, ringDNA

We live in a time that is dominated by discussions about AI and how it will impact the future of work. At ringDNA, Jordan Henderson has brought his experience of using data-driven decisions to help align go to market teams and minimize non-revenue generating activities.

Jordan is often found sharing his insights with other Revenue professionals at a variety of events. Recently, Jordan was a featured speaker at the OpStars conference, discussing Real-Time Sales Enablement.

Max Altschuler – Founder, Saleshacker & VP of Marketing, Outreach

If you are in the sales space and haven’t heard of SalesHacker, stop reading this post and go check it out now.

Max Altschuler was able to accomplish something amazing – he built a community of sales and revenue professionals that provides real value and promotes great conversations.

Max has been very bullish on RevOps as not being merely a passing trend:

“Revenue Operations is more than a trend, it is a movement of B2B organizations to eliminate the silos between sales, marketing, and customer success to more effectively drive growth.”

Jason Reichl – CEO, Go Nimbly

Jason Reichl is the CEO of the Revenue Operations company Go Nimbly. Having written the book on Revenue Operations (literally, wrote the book), Jason brings an amazing amount of knowledge and actionable tips to the table for businesses looking to scale Revenue Operations.

According to Jason, when you have misalignment between your sales and marketing team, you have a lack of understanding of your customer. Without this alignment, you cannot operationalize the right part of your business.

Sean Lane – Director of Operations, Drift

Those of us in the marketing space often look at Drift with a level of awe. In a relatively short period of time, they have been able to create not only an amazing product, but a movement.

Every Friday, Drift’s Director of Operations, Sean Lane, hosts a podcast that brings in the best and brightest operations pros to discuss how they are able to help their companies scale growth. It’s truly a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about best-practices.

Here’s a great episode Sean recently put out with another one of our top thought-leaders, Rosalyn Santa Elana.

Jeff Ignacio – Head of Revenue and Growth Operations, UpKeep

When you think of the “roaring 20s” it’s not 2020 that you are thinking of. However, Jeff Ignacio, Head of Revenue and Growth at UpKeep, has brought it back. The “Roaring 2020s,” according to Jeff, is the decade of Operations.

Jeff’s focus is on the strategies and tactics around building scalable revenue teams and aligning GTM teams.

Jeff has a great community he’s built on Substack, a great place to learn more about how to scale a revenue engine.

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