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February Product Updates: Close Deals Faster + Better Data

Elaine Tsai
Mar 2, 2022

February is behind us and Spring is just around the corner! Last month, we released some great new updates, features, and fixes for our customers. 

Not to mention a very exciting announcement of an upcoming event!

Here are some highlights of the announcements and releases in February:

New Features for Faster Approvals and Signing

Speed to close is an important metric for our customers. The longer it takes for a deal to be created, approved, and sent for signature, the less likely it is to close. That's why we've made some important updates to enable users to get deals approved and signed faster. 

Approve in Deal Editor

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Approvals within the Deal Editor are now live for all admins.

RevOps admins can now Approve the deal directly in Deal Editor. As an Admin, if you create the deal or review the deal in "Discuss" mode, you can now choose to approve the deal immediately or submit it for approval.

See Billing and Shipping Address when approving the deal

The letterhead of your agreement which includes the billing and shipping address is now included when viewing the deal. We hope you find this helpful when deciding whether the deal can be approved and is ready for signing.

Download your signed contract

The link to download your contract has been moved to the Deal Overview section on the right-hand side to give you a clearer overview of the status of the deal and when it was completed.

Often times you may also want a PDF copy of the signed contract in your CRM. RevOps can automatically attach this file once it's been signed by all parties.

To set this up head over to our CRM settings. There, you can set the CRM object to attach the signed PDF, whether that's the HubSpot Deal or the Salesforce Opportunity or Contract.

Counter Sign deals in 10 seconds.

As a counter signer of RevOps, when you click on “Sign the deal” in our email notifications, you will now be immediately directed to DocuSign for a faster signing experience. 

Data Sync Updates

The data that lives in your contracts is critical to so many other activities down stream, especially for finance. That's why we've spent a lot of time making our data sync feature even more powerful. 

New Properties for Data Sync

Untitled (17)

Now, both HubSpot and Salesforce users can map the following fields from RevOps to their CRM:

  • Total Contract Value
  • Total Discount Amount
  • Gross Total Contract Value
  • Gross Annual Contract Value

For reference, Gross Total Contract Value is the Total Contract Value of the deal before any discounts were applied and Gross Annual Contract Value'is the Annual Contract Value of the Deal before any discounts were applied.

If you would like help setting up mappings to automate the data syncing from RevOps to your CRM, reach out to us at . We're happy to walk you through set this up.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved display of diffs for edits made to term language.
  • Fixed bug that caused additional empty Users when creating new Users in quick succession.
  • Fixed issues with scrolling in D
  • Pricing table columns set on the template are now preserved when SKUs are added to the pricing table.
  • current.featureFlags.featureFlagName.value will now render values of the feature flag when used in Line Item description.

Live Event: How To Build a Modern Deal Desk in HubSpot

Webinar Banner (1)

On March 16th at 11 AM (EST), we'll be joining the folks at HubSpot to walk you through how to create a modern, scalable Deal Desk in HubSpot with RevOps! 

You can grab your seat here

Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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