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Introducing RevOps Cashflow API: Automate Post-Close Operations

Adam Ballai
Apr 27, 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated across the globe. For SaaS companies, this has created greater growth opportunities.

But with growth comes challenges. These include laborious functions like setting up billing, account provisioning, and other post-close operations. These operations cost up to $400/mo per invoice in back-office tasks and customer support.

With those challenges in mind, we are helping operators and builders deliver value faster to customers without the headaches through the RevOps Cashflow API.

“We had multiple inaccuracies per week with new contracts closed by the sales team. RevOps Cashflow API helped us reduce those super laborious errors to create a 93% reduction in time on product and finance.”

Harris Rasheed, Fullstack Engineer – Loom

Here is how the Cashflow API works:

After a customer successfully signs an agreement, operators can “activate” a customer. Builders and Operators alike, armed with iPaaS or the knowledge of integrating APIs, can tie custom workflows and business logic into any stage of the customer acquisition process. 

Limitless Integrations

Integrating internal systems has become a necessary part of any successful go-to-market motion in this new age of deep digitization.

With no-code and low-code integration functionality, the Cashflow API is a flexible way for developers to build a complete quote-to-cash engine in minutes easily. The activation webhook can send data to any third party, including home-grown billing systems and custom applications.

Learn more about what’s possible by checking out our docs.


Orchestrating billing information from a deal can be an error-prone and time-consuming task when done manually. These errors mean that product and finance teams need to expend their limited resources to make corrections in many cases. Customers can become frustrated by bills that are not in line with their expectations.

The RevOps Cashflow API ends copy-and-paste for billing with a single click and enables businesses to orchestrate their deal information into billing workflows automatically.

Full Visibility

Knowing when a deal has closed, what features are included in that deal, and who should be next in line for the handoff can be a difficult task when done manually.

The Cashflow API enables automated notifications to the right people at the right time with the right information. With email notifications or webhooks, full visibility can be attained over the entire process.

Interested in getting started with the RevOps Cashflow API? Click here to get started.

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Ballai

Adam loves to test the boundaries of what's possible with technology and learn what people value with it. From VR to the web, he loves to intersect this experience into the sales technology space by bringing new ideas to light directly with customers.

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