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Elaine Tsai
Apr 5, 2022

As we "march" into Spring, we've got so much to forward to. Here at RevOps, we'll be doing our first offsite of 2022, welcoming some new hires to the RevOps squad, and preparing a set of exciting releases.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, here were some of the improvements we've made last month:

  • Design Refresh
  • Upload Agreements Signed outside RevOps
  • Guardrails for Adjusting Dates
  • Preview of an Upcoming Release
  • Bug Fixes

Design Refresh of Navigation & Tables

Fit for Mobile

We've upgraded the design of our navigation to help you more quickly access the subpages of our platform and navigate RevOps on your mobile device. As we transition back to traveling and working from various locations, we hope you'll find it easy to approve and sign deals on any device.

CleanShot - Deal Desk on Google Chrome - Taken on 03-28-2022-2

Our navigation wasn't the only place that got a design upgrade though. Tables across our entire platform are being updated! Let's take a look at some of the new enhancements.

Filter your Deal Desk by any deal owner.

You can now see a list of deals that are owned by anyone within your organization.  As a Sales Manager, pull this up during your meeting to quickly review deals for anyone on your team.

Search for SKUs or Terms

We've also introduced page-specific search for SKUs and Terms so you can quickly find, update, and manage any products or terms in your inventory.

CleanShot - RevOps Console on Google Chrome - Taken on 04-05-2022 3

Quick Actions

You can now quickly edit or delete templates from the table by clicking on the "three dots". Stay tuned as we continue to add more quick actions from our table view.

Signing Deals outside of RevOps?

We've found that on some rare occasions, customers will insist on signing the agreement via their own process. If this happens, we've now made it easy for you to take the completely signed agreement and upload it back to RevOps. 

By uploading this back into RevOps, we'll move the deal to "Signed" and trigger a CRM sync so that the uploaded agreement is attached to the CRM Record and updated with the latest data. 

Guardrail for Adjusting Dates

We've introduced a new guardrail that now allows you to decide whether Sales Reps can adjust the service dates of the line item and add ramping subperiods.

By disabling this feature, as an Admin, you can still pro-rate the line item or add ramping subperiods, the functionality will not be shown to the Rep though. 

New Currencies

Australian Dollars (AUD) and Singaporean Dollars (SGD) are new currencies now supported within RevOps.

Upcoming Release

Moving the link to Download PDF. 

Behind the scenes, we've been making a number of reliability improvements to the way our application generates a PDF copy of your Deal.

These changes will be rolled out to all our customers over the next few weeks. To ensure that you can always get a PDF copy of your deal, we will be moving this link under the "Deal Overview" section. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a blank first page would be inserted when “printing” the deal.
  • Uploaded additional agreements should no longer get dropped from the Deal if the Deal is later edited.
  • Fixed a bug with email notifications where extra emails were getting sent Sales Manager and Deal Desk Managers about every deal.
  • Clicking on the comment card will now take you to see the entire comment thread.
  • If a contact does not have an email, they can no longer be set as a Required Signer. An email must be added to the contact to set them as a signer.
  • When importing CRM data to RevOps, we will now by default display the Billing Address on the Deal letterhead, if only the Billing Address is present on the Account.
  • The PDF file for the signed agreement can be downloaded when the deal is in "Active" status.
  • Deals can no longer be manually moved to "Signing". The "Signing" status denotes that the deal has begun the e-signing ceremony and at least one signature has been completed. When the e-signing ceremony has begun, any edits made will require all signatures to be completed again. We now prevent deals from being manually moved to "Signing" if the e-signing ceremony has not begun.
Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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