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RevOps Launches HubSpot, New Funding, and More!

Adam Ballai
Oct 18, 2021

Today is an extremely exciting day at RevOps. We have not one, not two, but three announcements to share with you!



First, we have officially introduced the RevOps HubSpot integration today in the HubSpot marketplace. Over the last year, our team has been hard at work listening to you and your Sales teams about what you like about RevOps and HubSpot together, your automated future quote-to-cash systems, and what is holding you back from scaling your business. 

The feedback we have gotten from our early beta users about this integration has been amazing and has helped us better understand the real value of agreement automation for HubSpot users. 

“Using the RevOps HubSpot integration has been truly excellent. Our reps no longer have to use two different tools and go back and forth looking at the deals in HubSpot and another product; they can live entirely in HubSpot, generate the contracts using the products already on the deals, and send them out.”

Alex Newman, GTM Operations and Strategy

Along with the launch of this latest integration, we have another exciting announcement: 

We have raised an additional $5M in funding to help RevOps scale its Agreement Automation Platform for businesses worldwide. You can read more about the funding announcement below and on TechCrunch.

As part of expanding our continued growth in leadership, we’re also very excited to announce Sharad Chanana as our Vice President of Revenue Operations.


When asked why he was excited to take on this role at RevOps, Sharad told us he wanted to “build something amazing that caters to the challenges I’ve come up against for the last 15 years. Automating Quote-to-Cash is a need that I have seen throughout the Revenue Operations world, and the work RevOps has been doing is amazing. I can’t wait to get started.” 

Sharad Chanana
VP, Revenue Operations

RevOps Agreement Automation for HubSpot

One of the trends that have been apparent to us over the last few years is that more and more startups adopt a Revenue Operations function early on. While many operators at growing startups know they need a quote-to-cash solution, their experiences with legacy CPQ systems have been negative enough that they are unwilling to consider those options again. We’ve heard from these operators that, even when a tool like CPQ has been implemented (after hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months), they often become “shelf-ware” due to the lack of adoption by internal teams.

We wanted to help provide a solution for these growing startups to get the Quote-to-Cash power that they know they need, but without the headaches that they’ve experienced with legacy tools in the past. 

And HubSpot presented the perfect opportunity to do so. 

We’re introducing the fastest way to send quotes to your customers and help you automate your approvals in a simple solution that only takes a few minutes to set up.

Our new HubSpot integration works in a similar way to our Salesforce integration, but even better! With two-way synchronization of line items, operations teams can reduce the number of errors in their closing process.

When considering how we would approach this latest integration, we considered several factors. 

First, how can we help HubSpot users get even more value out of a CRM that already offers so much? Secondly, where can we add the most value. And third, what type of user would benefit most. 

With these items in mind, we went to work on building a solution for HubSpot users to help them supercharge their quoting and approval processes within the HubSpot Sales Hub. 

What Does the RevOps HubSpot Integration Do?

At a high level, the RevOps HubSpot integration enables:

  1. Customizable Sales Agreement Templates
  2. Robust Approval Rules and Automations
  3. Pricing Experimentation and Flexibility
  4. And much, much more.

RevOps Raises $5 Million in Funding

We’re very excited to partner up with Caffeinated Capital and newly added investor Coatue in our $5 million seed round. Caffeinated Capital and Coatue led this round with participation again from Gradient Ventures (Google).  

You can read more about our funding announcement on TechCrunch.

When John and I first started RevOps, I was motivated by my experience as the first engineering hire at Twilio, where I built the automations behind revenue operations at Twilio leading up to its successful IPO in 2016. 

The name and history of RevOps was born out of a two-person team in Twilio’s finance department, where individuals would track spend of customers and come up with models to advise on how to price new deals and how to build contracts. 

I worked with that team to systematize their process with a single confluence template, which became known as the Deal Desk template that saved hundreds of hours for the company. 

The experience of working to create a better workflow for businesses to close deals faster without the headache of all the paperwork helped crystallize our vision for what RevOps would be. 

As RevOps has grown in the marketplace, we’ve seen a huge growth in earlier stage startups fully embracing these kinds of pricing models, such as usage-based pricing. These companies are struggling to find a solution to manage the quote to cash solution to support it.

Today, our focus is to provide powerful and user-friendly agreement automation to growing companies that will help them scale effectively. 

We will be using the funding to help fuel growth of our R&D and leadership team. Interested in building with us? We’re hiring!

A big thank you to all of our investors, supporters, and customers:

  • Liat Bycel, VP of Sales at Airtable
  • Pete Kazanjy, Founder of Atrium, Modern Sales Pros
  • Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio
  • John Britton from CEO of, GitHub 
  • Coby Berman, COO & Co-founder of Radar
  • Babak Hamadani, Founder at Primeset
  • Andrew Jordan, Head of Product at Fin, Twilio
  • Kevin Nothnagel, VP of Sales at Clockwise
  • John Sheehan, GM of Crossover Ventures, RunScope, Twilio
  • Ram Ravichandran, CTO of Narvar
  • Nakul Patel, Head of Sales at mmhmm, Executive at Facebook
  • Scott Shepard, Director of Sales at Pronto
  • And many more we didn’t list here!
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Adam loves to test the boundaries of what's possible with technology and learn what people value with it. From VR to the web, he loves to intersect this experience into the sales technology space by bringing new ideas to light directly with customers.

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